Speak Out Against Illegal and Barbaric Horse Fighting in the Philippines!

We recently received the great news that Efren Pinol, mayor of Cotabato province's Magpet, has made a historic move by signing an executive order banning the centuries-old barbaric tradition of horse fighting. While many municipalities and provinces have made moral progress by ending horse fighting, Davao City remains one of the largest horse-fighting hubs in the Philippines.

During the "sport" of horse fighting, two stallions are pitted against each other in an arena. The fight continues until one of the animals dies or is too injured to go on. Horses are manipulated into fighting, biting, and kicking—all for the sake of "entertainment" and financial gain.

During these events, two stallions are chained in close proximity to a female horse for up to six hours, provoking the stallions to fight. As the crowd urges them on, the frenzied stallions fight for survival as they are kicked, pinned to the ground, and dragged around the arena. Frightened and exhausted, the stallions sustain gruesome injuries—including deep gashes and broken bones—during hours of battle. Some stallions have reportedly been hit so hard in the head that their eyes popped out of their sockets, while others have had their ears ripped off.

Horses who survive these events but are no longer fit to fight are slaughtered, barbecued, and fed to the crowd. Horse fighting is illegal in the Philippines, but it is promoted as a cultural tradition. Police turn a blind eye instead of enforcing the law.

Horses are social, intelligent, and graceful creatures who rarely fight each other in nature. Studies have shown that horses form strong bonds with their companions and human guardians when they are cared for in a safe and loving environment.

Please speak up for these horses by calling on Sara Duterte, mayor of Davao City, to follow the lead of Magpet Mayor Efren Pinol by signing an executive order that bans this illegal and disgraceful blood sport in Davao City!


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